frontline ERP

frontline ERP- for Manufacturing Companies
an Enterprise Resource Planning Solution

frontline ERP is a product for manufacturing, exporting, and trading organizations. The system is available in varied versions for different industrial segments; providing a complete solution for many domains.

It enables you to keep track of every activity from order to cash; through integrated modules namely Procurement, Sales and order Management, Stock Management, Production Planning and Control, Financial and Cost Accounting, HR and Payroll, etc. It is backed by a strong data analysis and a powerful Management Information System.

frontline ERP incorporates cutting-edge and future proof technologies, making feasible a seamless inter-operability with Internet and other emerging trends.

FSL's methodology encompasses all the components that go on to provide complete business solutions, rather than merely implementing the software package. This allows you to make an educated decision on the implementation sequence that best fits your organization.

  • Provide MIS in structured form so as to enable strategy formulation and decision making
  • Availability of online information on communication, style images, specs sheets and target dates of various activities
  • A place to capture AWB no., vessel No., etc. for tracking and planning
  • Provides strong management & exception reports, like, no. of communications, tasks not completed in time
  • Alert facility through email, SMS, FAX
  • Easy-to-Use, Web based and cost effective, with little / virtually no training requirement
  • Strong Search and Filtering Capabilities
  • Immediate startup with no programming knowledge, little or virtually no training, with a user friendly web-interface
  • Configurable inputs via user-defined fields
  • Available on ASP model – you simply use without hardware and maintenance hassles

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