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FabSoft is developed with relevant variations for each industries, vis-à-vis, apparel, home-furnishing, textiles, handicrafts, and leather accessories.

The Software is designed for Exporters to keep track of every crucial business transactions and activity from order to shipment, covering sampling, procurement, inventory, production, human resource, and financial controls. FabSoft is equipped with a strong management information system and data-mining tool to support quick and critical business decisions.

FabSoft incorporates cutting-edge and future proof technologies, making seamlessly feasible the inter-operability with the internet and other emerging trends

The application is designed with a distributed-database architecture and is available in Windows, on Internet, and also in hybrid model having the ease of Windows and availability and power of Internet.

  • Decision Support with a powerful Management Information System
  • Configurable Alerts and Alarms – works as an assistant
  • Cost Effective, efficient, web-enabled to handle multiple locations and factories
  • Available with customer preferred components to meet different budgets
  • Complete solution for Apparel, Home-Furnishing & Textile industry domain
  • Strong and configurable security system
  • Friendly GUI – Web based, n-tier, open architecture, flexible, and comprehensive
  • Modular, customizable, and scalable
  • Available on ASP model – you simply use without hardware and maintenance hassles
  • Filter options before reports thus allowing the user to see one report from different angles
  • Report exporting and emailing facility
  • Barcode printing facility and EDI facility

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