Frontline MFD

frontline MFD
a Mutual Fund distribution software

frontline MFD is a window based software application intended for use by Distributors of Mutual Funds. It enables the Distributors to maintain the Client’s Investment detail.

The application can track the Net Asset Value of the Fund as well as the performance of their Clients. Reports relating to Clients and the returns on their investments can also be generated. The software also has full-fledged Back Office computing ability relating to brokerage receivables as well as payable and thus controlling the complete revenue stream.


  • Controlling the Client’s Investment Portfolio by daily updating of the Net Asset Values (NAV), Dividends and other transactions relating to Purchase, Switch and Redemption of the schemes and thus generating product/ asset class wise Client Portfolio’s profitability

  • Powerful Reporting Structure to analyze the Client’s Portfolio and to generate other useful reports like computation of Short Term and Long Term Capital Gain etc

  • Maintenance of Centralized database for all business entities

  • Inbuilt CRM capabilities to strengthen the client relationship

  • Controlling the revenue stream by computing/ reconciling commission receivables as well as payables and thus generating product/ asset class/ customer relationship wise profitability

  • Facility of Import and Export of transactions

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