Frontline Product Based Website

frontline Product Based Website
a virtual window for your products.

frontline Product Based Website provides for a complete user-friendly engine to enable any user to create his own website. This tool is useful for any organization having a large product profile, multi-location prospective customers, or where the product profile (products, product picture, description, features, presentation, etc) changes rapidly.

The engine is scalable from a simple product based website to highly complex online shopping plaza. It provides cost effective, easy to use, and fast to deploy back end.

The most exciting feature of Product Based Website is an Administration Tool that allows you to update your products on your website at any time, from anywhere and at no extra cost. You can add new products; delete products, update features and product info at any time without needing a web developer to maintain your site.

  • Can make your website up and running in no time
  • Customize your website to your taste, liking, or as per the occasion
  • Manage site contents, text, and pictures
  • Setup/change Product categories populate product profile, attributes, and prices
  • Run special promotion events - bundle offers and schemes
  • You can add as many products as you wish, add any number of categories, and even link the same product into more than one category
  • Immediate startup with no programming knowledge, little/virtually no training, with a user-friendly web-interface
  • frontline Product Based Website is available on ASP model which includes maintenance and support with no IT headaches your way
  • Available on ASP model – you simply use without hardware and maintenance hassles

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