Project Management

Global Application Delivery Model
A complete delivery and support model, with global network of resources, technology and best-in-class processes which can maximize your investment value. The key elements of our Global Application Delivery Model are:
  • System/Information Engineering and Modeling
  • Software Requirement Analysis
  • System Analysis and Design
  • Intelligent Project Management
  • Knowledge Management
  • Code Generation
  • Testing
  • Maintenance


Offshore Software Development Process
Our Software Development Process adopts the spiral iterative methodology and waterfall development process where the entire software development project cycle has to go through one or more iterations of all project stages. We have defined processes for queries, requirements specifications, analysis, design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance.

Features and Processes at FSL.

  • Customer centric and process oriented software development methodology
  • Zero down project risks and development time
  • Focused, authentic and strategic software development process
  • Deployment of updated, enhanced and latest technologies
  • Top quality product within genuine budget


FSL is open to request for a proposal detailing all your software development needs, where you can explain in detail all your expectations, perceptions and dreams about the project.

Our Offshore Software Development Process is most important aspect to effectively implement the Offshore Outsourcing and obtain the benefits of Offshore Software Development in terms of cost efficiency and flexibility.

A team of system and software analysts led by a Technical Director carry out the initial requirements definition and analysis in consultation with the customer. The design, development is carried out at the offshore development center in India led by Project Manager and the implementation is done finally after state of the art testing team affirmation.

FSL takes extreme care to maintain confidentiality of information. We are open to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement (NDA) before you give us any project related information to protect your intellectual property.

Software Development Life Cycle

  • Conceptualization
  • Requirement Analysis / System study
    • A requirement specification outlining the project's goals
    •  Requirements as well as business problems
    •  Vision statement
    • Scope definition
    • Risk assessment.
  • System Study and Design
    • A functional specification that outlines the functions and design from a business or user perspective
    • A design specification that outlines the technical requirements and design of each component in the solution
    • A project plan which outlines the tasks and the project's schedule
  • Development
    • The developed components
    • Software builds and source code.


  • Quality Assessment
    • Test results as well as software builds and source code.
  • UAT
    • Final release
    • Release notes
  • Deployment
    • Packaged or Deployed Software
    •  Documentation
  • Support
    • Manuals, documentation
    •  Instruction sheets
    •  Training plan

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