Technology Audit

A successful IT audits appropriately assesses technology risks and the control environment as they relate to critical business processes. FSL's deep expertise in IT audit can help ensure the integrity, reliability and performance of these processes. Through our methodologies, our clients realize more effective and efficient technology controls that better align the internal audit function with their business and IT strategies.

FSL technology audit focuses to improve the productivity of the technological factors and to improve business competitiveness.

FSL provides services to organizations that wish to outsource the operation of IT solutions development, technology infrastructure management, testing, and other IT-related and consulting needs.

FSL enables customers to gain operational efficiencies, improve security and enhance service delivery. To keep pace with technological change and spiraling, complex demands.

Emphasizing an IT focus within a business context. We enable customer to translate the systems findings into business terms.

FSL have a committed and focused resource pool to ensure that constant attention is given to all existing and emerging technologies.

IT audit is fully integrated with all other audit activities. We perform specific audits of the application systems and information utility infrastructure while supporting functional audit teams to ensure the adequacy of application controls within systems supporting business processes.

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