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What is BuyerEase

BuyerEase provides a user-friendly engine to enable, buying houses, buyers, and exporters to manage and track their samples, orders, and communication with all stakeholders like buyers, vendors, supplier in the same or different time zone.

You can create & share your product catalogue, manage product-line development, and track your purchase orders from order to inspection and shipment via production monitoring. You can have the exceptions reported at its own and have the important details & information available - anytime, anywhere.

You get your own personal corner at the site where you can run your business in an effective, efficient, and secure way, with the latest cyber crayons. Having acquired BuyerEase license - on your server or on ASP model - you go through the express lane while shopping, procuring, or servicing, even if the other part (your vendor, buyer, or buying house) is on the other side of the globe.

BuyerEase is useful for any organization having small or large product-range, multi-location buying activities, multiple vendors and multiple buyers. This is one of the most cost effective solutions that put your process in place.

BuyerEase Offers :

— BuyerEase is ready to be used. It organizes communications from all stakeholders from buyers to vendors to suppliers, in a structured manner.
— Reduction in time cycle of information availability, execution of transactions and realizations leading to efficiency in the workflow.
— Leads to better control and optimization of time management.
— Flexible to respond to changes in the business environment.
— Flexible to respond to changes in the business environment.

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