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Sales Mantra is a Customer Relationship Management ( CRM ) tool through which any business can develop a lasting business relationship with his customers. Sales Mantra features make it possible for a high success rate in deployment and dispense away with the unacceptable risks and protracted deployment.

Increase Your Business Success with Sales Mantra

— Get much improved sales projections.
— Expedite the pace of collection and eliminate write - offs.
— Increase your sales turnover manifolds in a short span of time.


Productivity increases manifold. Sales team will use their time more efficiently and more effectively. The managers will also become more efficient and more effective. This increased productivity can create a competitive advantage in many ways, such as listed below:

» "Increased Employee Satisfaction"
» "Improved Productivity & quality of delivery"
» "Higher customer satisfaction & revenue"


Mobile Apps.

Put your workplace in your palm and stay connected to your business wherever you go...

  • Alerts and Reminders
  • "To do List" & "Alerts".
  • Real time information with the management.
  • Quick quotation submission.
  • Customer Feedback for service & his Digital Signature.
  • Complaint Managment
  • Add Enquiry
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